“I live in an area of St. Petersburg that has an abundance of Live Oak trees. These trees are majestic, and add a certain small town “charm” to my area. Some of my trees looked sickly, out of shape, and had broken branches. This affected my property’s appearance so I called Arbor Source. Their certified arborist arrived right on time, and thoroughly examined my trees and the overall appearance of my property. Together, we created a plan to prune my trees, remove debris that made my yard to look unkept, and then follow up with a maintenance plan to keep my trees healthy. On the scheduled day, the team arrived promptly. The workers were polite, well-kept, and so efficient. I could tell they know exactly what they were doing! When they finished pruning my trees and cleaning the yard, I was stunned by the results. My trees looked lighter and brighter, and simply glowed with good health. Honestly, I now have the best-looking yard on the block. There are so many good things I could say about Arbor Source. First, they considered my feelings and my budget when developing a service plan. Second, the quality of their work, their expertise and workmanship was just excellent. Who would think that a bunch tree guys would be so professional? I felt completely comfortable. And finally, the team took such good care of my property, leaving everything spotless. I highly recommend their tree care services. It has made such a big difference and the value was terrific!”