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Do you want to beautify your home? Call Arbor Source for all of your St Pete, Clearwater, and Belleair tree service needs. We offer many diversified services such as tree bracing, trimming, planting, and removal services as well as disease control. Our certified arborists are ready and able to service all your tree needs. Arbor Source is a family owned business with many years of experience in tree servicing. We have ISA-certified arborists as well as Live Oak specialists on staff.

Planting New

Of the many services we offer, planting a tree is just the beginning. Planting a tree is a significant investment in time and money, and a properly maintained tree can last for decades. So it’s important that you plant the right one to complement your landscape design.

Many species of trees have compatibility issues with the surrounding area. Our certified arborist will work with you and recommend the proper tree for your location, and the best spot to plant it in. Choosing the right spot for tree planting is very important. Too close to the house and the roots could grow and crack the foundation, but too far from the house and you lose the tree’s shading.

Our certified arborist will work with you and recommend not only the proper species for your locale, but also the best spot to plant it.  We understand how much your yard means to you, so we will strive to be as minimally invasive to your existing landscaping as possible during the planting process.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming improves the aesthetic appeal of your home and reduces nuisance branches. It can also protect your home from unsavory visitors and protect your roof from tree jumping critters. By using a professional for all your St Pete, Clearwater, and Belleair tree services, you are ensuring quality and professionalism, and reducing the risk to yourself. Trust the professionals to do what’s needed.

Tree Triage

If your tree looks sickly and the canopy isn’t as beautiful as it used to be, you tree may have a disease. The professionals at Arbor Source have the skills to diagnose your tree and prescribe and apply the proper treatment. Any sign of disease or insect infestation in your trees is something to take charge of as disease and infestation can spread quickly. The faster you take action, the less expensive and more effective the fix will be.

When tree trimming is not enough, or the tree is too sickly, and the entire tree must be removed, Arbor Source is the less stressful alternative to trying to remove it yourself. We remove the whole tree, from the branches to the root ball. We also provide stump grinding services when necessary. Removing a tree can be a complicated job as there are local ordinances to be followed and permits needed. Arbor Source will do everything that needs to be done. You don’t have to do it yourself as attempting to do so can cause serious injury. It would be better and safer all around if you hired a professional. We are fully certified in all tree services.

Taming your tree

Certain species, while beautiful, can quickly become invasive. Our ISA-certified expert can identify those tree species and remove them before they become a nuisance. Though there are many other reasons to remove a tree from your property, our first and primary goal will always be to save the tree if possible. Your tree could be damaged by a storm or could be dying or diseased. If a weakened tree were to fall onto your car, roof, or your family, it could have been avoided by removing it when it first became a problem.  It could be healthy but growing too robustly and destroying your driveway with its large roots. That is the time to remove the tree, before the roots grow into the house foundation and you have a much larger problem to fix. The best solution for a dying or diseased or nuisance tree is to have it removed by a professional tree removal service.