Stump Removal | St Petersburg

You have gone through the process of having a tree cut down or cut up, whether it fell on its own or you removed it because it was a hazard to your house. Now you have a large ugly stump in your yard preventing you from growing a new tree or grass in its place. You may have tried to disguise it, decorate it, or you are ignoring it and just mowing around it. A stump in your yard can be a real eye sore and prevent you from having a beautiful property. So why not consider St Petersburg stump removal?

About Us

Arbor Source is a family-owned business, with years of experience helping Tampa Bay properties flourish. We are ISA certified, which means we are highly qualified, knowledgeable tree care professionals and have met all requirements to be eligible for such a highly regarded certification in the world of arboriculture. ISA credentials are voluntary and prove our commitment to being exceedingly skilled and educated on the arduous task of stump removal.

Our tree care professionals take the highest safety precautions and always maintain a structured work environment. As part of our safety measures we are both insured and licensed so you can hire Arbor Source to remove your stumps and not have to worry about personal injury or property damage.

We will be happy to go to your St Petersburg home and evaluate the stump you would like removed. Since stumps span a huge range of sizes we want to make sure we give you a fair quote. We offer consultations with one of our ISA certified employees entirely complimentary.

Our Services

Excavations VS Grinding

What sets stump excavations apart from stump grinding are the possibilities for the land you have when the stump is completely gone. Think of the beautiful new tree you can plant in place of that ugly stump or the colorful flower garden you can plant, or the lush green grass you can grow, or just now nice it would be to not have to mow around it!

The Root of the Problem

Getting down to the roots is the most important part of removing a tree stump. We make sure that we get every last one, no matter how deep or wide the roots to your old tree have grown. We even get rid of those pesky ancillary roots if needed. When we are finished with your St Petersburg stump removal you will have a fresh landscape and a beautiful stump free property.

Why Choose Us?

Our professionals will take great care with the land surrounding your stump. We love a nice landscape so we will do whatever we can to protect your surrounding gardens and your lawn’s green grass. Our professional arborists will make sure your St Petersburg stump removal experience goes smoothly.

Arbor Source happily serves St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Seminole, Pinellas Park, Florida and surrounding Tampa Bay areas. Call us today to speak with a certified arborist that can provide you with knowledgeable details and information regarding our tree care services at (877) 972-7267 or (727) 698-1391.