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Tree cabling and bracing are important services for trees in need of supplemental support. They also involve the installation of hardware to your tree(s) which limits the movement of limbs and trunks. When installed properly, these systems can extend the life of the tree and reduce the risk of structural failure.

Why Care For Your Trees

There are many reasons to have a tree cabled or braced. It is mostly utilized in trees with structural defects, such as co dominant stems, weakened branch unions, or those with included bark. Co dominant stems are susceptible to failure under additional stress such as high winds, or weight from ice, snow, or heavy rain. When considering a tree for support systems it must be thoroughly assessed. If the condition of the tree is poor with excessive decay or rotten wood, the removal of the tree may be the proper course of action.

Brace Yourself for Tree Bracing

Tree bracing is another tree support service that we offer and is done in order to support weakened branches, as it allows supported limbs to grow stronger. Bracing also affects the growth pattern of the tree. A large tree bending towards a building can cause many problems in the future. Branches hanging over a structure are dangerous and can damage the building. It doesn’t matter what type of tree support in St. Pete, Seminole, Largo, and surrounding areas that you are interested in, we can help. A split tree trunk or branch can be very hazardous to the tree’s health and to the safety of people and property. Once a tree splits, the wood will never grow back together and reconnect. Our expert arborists will reinforce the infrastructure of the tree, making sure it will not fall and cause damage.

Split Your Tree or Split Home Value

Trees that are split or growing towards your residence can decrease the value of your property. Not only is it unappealing to the eye, but the risks of unsupported trees can worry potential buyers. As a business owner, having trees that are unappealing does not look professional and can affect your business. If you are trying to save your trees, our tree cabling and bracing services are two types of tree support that we offer in St Pete, Clearwater, and Belleair that can help. Our certified arborists will come out and evaluate your situation, speak to you about what you want done, and give you their recommendation. We understand that having work done during business hours can also affect and complicate your business. We will work around your business hours to minimize any inconveniences that could be caused.

Choose Us for Your Tree Needs

At Arbor Source, we offer a wide variety of commercial and residential tree services. We are a family-owned business that offers fair and reasonable pricing. All of our arborists are experienced and ISA-certified. We have the latest safety equipment, personal injury liability coverage, and are fully insured against property damage. In addition to tree support and bracing services in St. Pete, we also offer tree pruning, trimming, removal, fertilization, disease and insect control, stump removal, new tree planting, and debris clean-up and removal.

At Arbor Source, we strive to meet all of our customers’ needs. Tree cabling and bracing are two types of tree support that reduce the need for removal. In cases where supplemental support can be utilized, it should be noted that these systems are not failure proof and can only reduce hazard potential.  If you are looking for tree services in Clearwater, St Pete, Belleair, Largo, Seminole, and surrounding areas call Arbor Source today at (877) 972-7267 or (727) 698-1391.